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Academy of Excellence (AOE) Program Overview

Academy of Excellence (AOE) Program Overview

The Academy of Excellence (AOE) is an individual skills development program working with ages 8-18 and is integrated into each program within our club. MRFC’s Academy of Excellence will primarily focus on technical skills, and also encompass other facets of the game; tactical, psychological and physical as each training session is prepared for a natural progression of soccer specific movements, with basic movements preparing the AOE student for intermediate and advanced moves in the future.

Each player is provided with fundamental technical instruction in order to create a conduit for improved motor skills, physical and social confidence, full understanding of the game of soccer and free expression of their own personality on and off the pitch. 

MRFC will continue enhancing its Academy of Excellence program by offering further areas of study. Effective age-appropriate disciplines will include speed/agility, cardio, and strength training, as well as classroom sessions covering topics such as nutrition, psychology, tactics and theory, film, college prep. 

MRFC is inclined and determined to optimize individual player development through the Academy of Excellence. Training is conducted under the guidance of MRFC’s Director of Youth Development and our staff of qualified and trained technical coaches.

Advantages to AOE

  • Proper technique, effective motor skills and conscious training practice habits will be the main focus for the foundation of each player’s development, as they learn the fundamental movements of the game and how to best practice on their own.
  • Studies have shown that children who exercise regularly and shown improved motor skills are also more proficient in cognitive learning. Improved movement = Improved learning.
  • Players will learn 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 situational play and how to deliberately unbalance defenders and entire defenses by generating unstoppable attacking angles, using calculated runs off the ball and applying creative passing and dribbling techniques.  
  • Players can expect to see a rise in confidence in their own personal ability and begin to enjoy and trust the players around them, as they all begin to master core fundamentals in an environment that encourages efficient, but inventive play.
  • While mastering a technical array of moves, players will begin to develop major muscle groups, strengthen stabilizing muscles in the knees and ankles,begin to understand the importance of have strong core muscles and increase their overall speed and agility through fun games and training circuits. 

AOE Skills and Advanced Academies

Be sure to check out our AOE Skills and Advanced Academies!

This program is open to both club and non-club members.

Sessions will run in 6 week session blocks with some exceptions.

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