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Futures 2 Tactical Training for 7v7

MRFC Futures 2 Academy Tactical Training for 7v7 (@ Tehaleh)


In the MRFC Futures Academy the focus is on developing a love of the game, fundamental skills and the beginning of ball mastery. In Futures 2 Tactical Training players will begin to learn the tactical fundamentals of the game necessary to be successful in the 7v7 team environment. Fundamental tactics that will arise in every game or practice session, if mastered, can change the outcome of a game.

This training academy is available to boys and girls with a birth year of 2012 and 2011 and have attended at least two MRFC Futures Academy training blocks.

Some basic tactical training covered will be:


Corner Kicks

Player Responsibility

Player Spacing

Off sides

Direct vs. Indirect kicks

Defending the attack

Passing and Support

Ball Possession

Breaking defensive lines

Playing from the back

Buildout Line


Tehalah Community Field  Tuesday / Thursday 7/9 - 8/17/2019 6:30 - 7:30

Cost $110

All training takes place in a team style environment with scrimmages and game like situations.  Players are encouraged to be creative and try new things.  Trainers emphasize individual quick decision making, which benefits the team unit. Certified trainers guide players to the next level helping to ensure they take the ball mastery they have learned in the Futures Academy and add the tactical awareness of the game to make them a stronger player.  

Attend this tactical training academy and dominate your opponents this fall.  Don't wait to sign up this academy only has 18 positions available

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Mike Avery