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Futures 2 Academy and League Play (ages 6 - 8)

Futures Jr - Getting started on the right (or left) foot

Futures Jr
Birth Year 2019 - 2018


Developing skills through lots of imaginative game play.  The 30 minute session twice a week will help your three or 4 year old develop a passion for coming to the pitch to play games have fun and meet other players wanting to do the same thing.  Its is a great time for mom's and dad's to have fun n the field  helping to execute an age appropriate curriculum.

Futures 1 Fine Tune Those Developing Skills

Futures 1   
2017 - 2016

Focusing on developing the fundamental skills  45-minutes twice a week.  We continue to use the discovery method of training to help develop the players soccer IQ.  Short 10 minute scrimmages at the end of each session put their soccer skills and soccer IQ to the test. Futures 1 has practice sessions and scrimmages.  We do not have teams or  games.

Futures 2 4 v 4 League Play - GAME DAY

Futures 2 League Play 4v4
2015* - 2015

Using our academy style of training we will develop teams that practice weekly and play a 40 minute game each week within the Futures 2 Academy League.  Players will experience game play each week with a focus on keeping teams balanced.  Time and weather permitting each season concludes with a Jamboree that feels a lot like a tournament.

*If you are a 2015 or 2016 birth year and have been in the academy previously and show the ability to play in a 4v4 format an exception to join the F2 program can be made.

MRFC Futures 2 Summer Academy

The F2 Summer Academy is for current players in the F2 program or players who are currently graduating from the Futures 1 program, kids born 2015 who are ready for the next step in their soccer journey.

The Futures 2 Academy is a tactical based program.  4 weeks (2 sessions per week) at our Tehaleh location will focus heavily on spacing (we do not chase the ball) movement when away from the ball, receiving the ball, passing the ball, and proper shooting techniques. Each training session will end in a short scrimmage where practiced skills will be emphasized in the game.

Transitioning from Futures 1 to Future 2

If your player is a birth year 2014 or 2015 and currently in Futures 1 you should be looking at transitioning to Futures 2 starting with the next Available Season or Mini-Futures 2 Academy.

The Futures 2 Academy is the next step of your players journey.  Learning the tactical skills in the F2 Academy and League play will be critical to the players success as they continue their soccer travels whether it be into recreational soccer or competitive premier soccer.

2016 players if they are performing at a high level on the field should consider moving up no to continue to be challenged. 

MRFC Futures 2 Summer Academy Registration

This link will take you to the standard registration link for the F2 Spring and Fall Season registration. The Futures 2 Summer Academy is an additional option within this registration

F2 Summer Academy 7/19/21 - 8/11/21

Location Start time End time
Tehaleh 6:30 PM Monday /Wednesday 7:15 PM Monday / Wednesday

2021 Futures 2 Season Calendar

Location Start time End time Nights of Practice/Games Calendar Dates
Kelley Farm - Bonney Lake - SOLD OUT 6:30 PM 7:15 PM Tuesday / Thursday 3/30/21 - 5/20/21
Tehaleh - Sprouts Holler - SOLD OUT 6:30 PM 7:15 PM Monday / Wednesday 3/29/21 - 5/19/21
Kelley Farm - Bonney Lake - SOLD OUT 5:30 PM 6:15 PM Monday / Wednesday 9/20/21 - 11/10/21
Kelley Farm - Bonney Lake - SOLD OUT 6:30 PM 7:15 PM Tuesday / Thursday 9/21/21 - 11/11/21
Tehaleh - Sprouts Holler - SOLD OUT 6:30 OM 7:15 PM Monday / Wednesday Sprouts Holler / Kelley Farm Fields

Tehaleh Futures 2 Program Details

The Futures 2 4v4 League has reached maximum capacity

The F2 for the fall  2021 season at Kelley Farm and Tehaleh is   SOLD OUT . 

In 2022 we are planning to expand our Futures 2 4v4 league to three new locations. We will continue leagues in Tehaleh and Kelley Farm Fields and add Enumclaw, Auburn and Orting/Sumner.  Come join our 4v4 league and take your game to he next level.

MRFC Futures 2 Academy

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Where will we go next?

As the MRFC Futures Programs wrap up their 2021 season this November at Kelley Farm Fields, Tehaleh and Enumclaw we will be working hard to add capacity and locations.  In 2022 we are planning on adding locations in Auburn and Orting/Sumner.  If you are interested in coaching or managing community soccer in your neighborhood contact Mike Avery at 


Unlike our youngest players in the Futures Academy those in the Futures 2 League are beginning to recognize and desire competition.  However, much of their skill advancement is still rooted in individual development including ball mastery and control as well as their own physical mechanics.  We can continue to develop these needed skills in the academy format where a player has a ball at his or her feet most of the time and players are matched to their skill level.

Our Futures Futures 2 coaches are certified to coach at the 4v4 level and work under the mentorship of our Futures Academy Director of Coaching.

Switching from an academy format into a rigid rostered team slows the growth of the player.  Some are left behind as stronger players dominate game play.  At the same time stronger players may not be challenged to the point where they become stronger.  Futures 2 league play teams allow players to move around which helps players grow accustom to change, learn from each other, and develop stronger relationships and more friends within the sport. 

From a team aspect player rotation helps to keep parity in league play, encouraging each player to play every position from defender to attacker while beginning to learn the different aspects of each position at this level of play.

Time spent in the Futures 2 Academy creates the bridge from “Micro-Mod” soccer to the more traditional 7v7 format at age 8 and 9.  Your player will already have a basic understanding of the positions on the field, and what those roles are within the game. Additionally, F2 soccer players will understand the team concept before they join a 7v7 team in the coming years and will likely have teammates from their time in the academy on their 7v7 team.


  • Boys and Girls 2015 - 2013 birth year
  • Co-ed teams with small rosters to maximize play
  • $145 per season with discounts for multiple seasons


  • 9 practice sessions
  • 7 in-house league games 4v4 format (no goalies)


  • US Club Soccer affiliation fees
  • Player Insurance
  • Licensed and Certified Futures Coaches 
  • Referee Fee
  • Field Rental Fees
  • Equipment (Balls, Pugg goals and field Paint)
  • Facility maintenance

2021 MRMFC Futures 2 Academy and League Play

In the MRFC Futures Academy the focus is on developing a love of the game, fundamental skills and the beginning of ball mastery. In Futures 2 Academy and League players will begin to learn the tactical fundamentals of the game necessary to be successful in the 4v4 team environment and beyond. Fundamental tactics that will arise in every game or practice session, if mastered, can change the outcome of a game.

This Program is available to boys and girls with a birth year of 2015 and 2014 (It is highly recommended that your player attended at least two MRFC Futures Academy training blocks prior to joining F2 but it is not a prerequisite)

Tactical Training:

Player Spacing Passing Running
Ball Possession stopping/cutting Turning with the  ball
ball manipulation beginning juggling Shooting


All training takes place in a team style environment with scrimmages and game like situations.  Players are encouraged to be creative and try new things.  Trainers emphasize individual quick decision making, which benefits the team unit. Certified trainers guide players to the next level helping to ensure they take the ball mastery they have learned in the Futures Academy and add the tactical awareness of the Futures 2 program as well as actual game play to make them a stronger player.  


Play in the Futures 2 Academy  and dominate your opponents.  Don't wait to sign up this academy has limited availability


Mike Avery

VP of Futures Academy Programs

Jimmy Reynolds

Director of Coaching Futures Programs