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MRFC Goalkeeping Academy (Ages 8-18)

Jake Potter

Director of Goal Keeper Development


Goalkeepers must understand that the responsibilities of this specialized position goes well beyond just stopping soccer balls from going in the back of the net.  Our MRFC Goalkeeping Academy is designed to teach the technical skills that are essential to each individual players success, under the direction of MRFC's Jake Potter.  Each participant can expect to learn detailed goalkeeping skills through technical training, shooting games, crossing and finishing games and small sided game play. In addition, participants will gain overall improvements with footwork, hand-eye coordination and goalkeeper specific fitness. 

Benefits of MRFC Goalkeeping Academy

  • Players begin to understand when to play on the goal line, when and how to play off the goal line and how to cut down angles for opposing players.
  • Development of technique and confidence while diving for balls: low, medium and high and an understanding of how to deal with crosses and aerial balls.  
  • Improved understanding of the game as a whole and how to transition from being the last line of defense to initiating the attack using proper throwing, punting and passing techniques.
  • Improved communication and leadership: As the last line of defense, goalkeepers will learn how to effectively communicate with their teammates in order to organize their defenders during game play and on set pieces.

GKcamp June 27th - 30th @ Kelley Farm
GKcamp July 11th - 14th @ Kelley Farm
GKcamp Aug 1st - 4th @ Game Farm