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2021/22 MRFC Premier Program Fees

Playing premier soccer is more expensive than recreational or club select programs. MRFC’s fees are broken down by player age groups and are very competitive with our neighboring clubs in the Puget Sound Premier League. MRFC offers monthly payment plans and fee assistance through scholarships based on need. It is a priority of MRFC to make playing competitive soccer possible for any player with desire, drive and dedication.

Annual Player Assessment Fee*

The Club Fees are collected to cover the following expenses: coaches fees, association, state and league fees, state cup entry fee, referee fees, field and facility rentals and maintenance, and administrative costs. Other costs related to specific team activities are the financial responsibility of those teams and players (see Team Dues).

* Mt Rainier FC is committed to making competitive soccer accessible for all players and families.  A scholarship can be applied for during registration and is awarded on a need basis only.  The initial $200 registration fee must be paid in order to be eligible for consideration.  Scholarships are awarded based on need and overall number of requests and apply towards Annual Player Assessment Fees only.

Team Fees

Team dues are unique to each team. This amount is calculated by the team manager and treasurer with the input of the coaching staff to cover the cost of team activities such as tournament entry fees, coach’s travel, group travel, team bonding activities, etc. This amount depends on the level of the team (the DPL, EA and older teams do more travel and enter more expensive tournaments/showcases so their team dues will be higher). Typically team dues will be discussed in detail at your first team meeting along with a payment schedule.

2021-22 MRFC Premier Program Assessment Fees

Age Annual Assessment Fee Payment Due @ Registration # of Monthly Payments Monthly Payment Payment Terms
13U - 19U DPL & EA $2000 $200 10 $180 July - April
13U - 19U PSPL $1750 $200 10 $155 July - April
12U - 11U PSPL $1450 $200 10 $125 July - April
10U - 9U PSPL $1150 $200 10 $95 July - April

*Credit card transaction fees are 2.5% + $2 per transaction. These fees are paid up front with the registration fee.

Uniform Kit

MRFC is proud of the landmark deal made with Adidas and in 2020! Uniforms and Fan Gear will be available for order year-round through’s official partnership with Adidas.

Every even-numbered year, MRFC players are required to purchase a complete uniform kit that includes home and away jerseys, shorts, socks, backpack, warm up’s and training shirts. The uniform is the sole financial responsibility of the player. Even years are purchase years and odd years are fill-in (all items will be available for new players and replacements as needed for returning players). The full kit including 9 required items is $292.51 plus tax (the cost will be less if any/all items are youth sizes, excluding socks and backpack). Optional items such as goal keeper jerseys and shorts, rain jackets, balls, etc. are available at additional cost.

Volunteer Hours
MRFC does not have required volunteer hours.  If you would like to help out in any way please email Jamie Giger at


In pre-covid years, MRFC has had multiple fundraising opportunities throughout the year and are hoping to be able to offer opportunities again soon. If opportunities arise, individuals and teams can offset costs such as an individual’s Club or Teams Dues and major costs for teams such as travel expenses or additional tournaments. Fundraising efforts have included volunteering at events at White River Amphitheater, volunteering for Game Day Concessions and Clean Up Crew and Holiday Wreath & Poinsettia Sales. Fundraising is organized through Kerri Hubler. Team managers are encouraged to reach out to her directly to help plan your fundraising effort.

Refund Policy
The first $200 fee is non-refundable except for if a team is unable to be formed a complete refund will be granted.  If a team folds during the season and a new home cannot be found for that player the fees will be refunded at a prorated amount minus the non-refundable fee.

Medial Refund - If a player has a significant injury or illness and provides medical documentation from a physician that eliminates their participation.  The fees will be refunded at a prorated amount minus the non-refundable fee.

Relocation - If a family relocates mid-season outside of the Puget Sound area the fees will be refunded at a prorated amount minus the non-refundable fee.

Other - refunds for any other reason may be granted with approval of the board.

Late Payments
If payments are late by over 30 days a $50 charge will be applied to the account and the players card will be withheld meaning they will not be allowed to participate in game play.  Every 30 days another $50 charge will be applied to the account.  Once plans for payment have been made and approved the player card will be restored.