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Fall Rec Soccer FAQs

MRFC Recreational Soccer FAQs


Q. How much does it cost to play Rec soccer at MRFC?

A. Registration fees for the 2020/2021 season are $115 for ages U9 and U10.  $150 for ages U11 – U19.

Q. When will teams be formed?

A. Team formation begins in Late June.  Players registered prior to June 1, 2020 will have priority to return to their team.  Players registering June 2, 2020 and beyond will be assigned to a team based on their registration date.  We will make every attempt to accommodate your request for team assignments and to play with friends.  However, we cannot guarantee all requests will be met.

Q. How are players placed on a team?

A. In Rec. soccer the player, in large part, requests where they want to play and as a club, we try to honor those requests. Player assignment generally occurs as follows:

  1. Returning players requesting to play on the same team will be placed there before new players are added.  
    1. Returning players must be registered before July 4th to secure a position on last year’s fall team.
  2. Players playing up in age (11U and above) requesting to be returned to their prior team will be placed next.
  3. New players requesting to be placed “on age” will be assigned to teams based on available space or on requests made by player/parent.
  4. Players requesting to play up in age (11U and above only) and are not returning to their prior team, will be placed only after players requesting to play on age have been placed.

We will try to honor all requests, however, there is no guarantee that each request can be met. MRFC Rec. Soccer does not seek to create maximum roster sizes. Instead, we prefer to roster appropriately sized teams to allow maximum playing time with adequate substitution for rest and hydration and coverage for game day absences.

Q. How will I know what team my player is on?

A. As teams are formed, and coaches are assigned a completed roster will be provided to the coach who will then contact the player and family.

Q. I do not have a coaching license can I still coach my child?

A. Absolutely!  Our rec soccer program is dependent upon and thrives on volunteerism.  Each year we have veteran coaches returning and new coaches to the league.  Many of the new volunteers are entering the waters of coaching for the first time.  At MRFC we encourage coaches to work together and collaborate their knowledge skills and ideas.  MRFC Directors of coaching, club leadership and directors are at your disposal for coach education, idea and session planning.  This is an opportunity to make a lasting impression on a child.  We do not evaluate a coach on wins and losses but the smiles of the players during the season. All adults working with youth must undergo a national background check per US Soccer and Washington State law. Once your registration is accepted, you will receive instructions to complete the background check. As soon as a successful background check is completed, you will be assigned to a team. Please note during your registration if you have a child playing for the club, and you will be assigned to that team.

Q. When and Where will practices be held?

A. Parent volunteers serve as head coaches for our recreational teams.  Practices times will be determined by the coach’s schedule and field availability.  Most field space is either rented from the local school districts or city parks.

Q. When will games be played?

A. Game will begin the first weekend after Labor Day.  MRFC attempts to schedule all Rec soccer games on Saturday.  However, due to field availability there may be a game scheduled on a Sunday.  It is also possible to have a game on both Saturday and Sunday depending on the league schedule

Q. Where will games be played; how much traveling is required in this league.

A. In the league you will have 5 home games and 5 away games.  Home games are scheduled on local fields.  Typically, a school field, a city park field or possible Kelley Farm for our U9 and U10 teams that play 7v7. Travel in this league is minimal typically all games are played within 30 minutes of the Bonney Lake area.

Q. What if my child has never played soccer before?

A. At Mt. Rainier FC our goal is for every child to play the sport regardless of skill set. Recreational soccer is the ideal place to learn the sport.  Your child will be playing with other kids of varying skill sets.  Many are multi-sport players who cannot commit to year-round soccer. Our focus is to provide a safe and fun learning environment for all players and coaching staff.  Playing with friends, classmates and the coach you choose makes for a great learning environment

Q. How do I sign up to volunteer?

A. We need coaches, assistant coaches and team managers.  There are two parts to registering to be a staff member of a Rec soccer team.  First   Please Register here so we can get all your information and determine which team you want to help with.  After you complete this you will receive an e-mail that will walk you through the mandatory background check process.  This is no cost to you; the club pays all fees related to registering and coach for MRFC.

Q. If I register my child and then he/she withdraws from the program, can I get a refund?

A. Written notification must be provided to the club VP of Rec. soccer at with a reason given for withdrawal. 100% of the registration fee will be refunded minus a $25 withdrawal fee. No refunds will be accepted after the first team game whether it is a tournament or regular season game.

Q. How can I apply for a scholarship for my child?

A. Mt. Rainier FC wants every child to play soccer regardless of financial constraints. For this reason, the MRFC Rec. program follows the reduced and free lunch policies of the school districts we serve. MRFC will provide a 25% discount for children on a reduced lunch program. We will provide a 50% discount for children on a free lunch program. The discount applies to the registration fees only. The purchase of the uniform kit will not be discounted, and the player/parent is responsible for the purchase of the kit. To apply provide the necessary documentation from your school district office and send it to  The club will then provide you a discount code for the registration fee.

Lance Williams

Recreational Director